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Treadmill TrainingIf anyone has read my last tip on tread mill training it was noted that this type of training is not a favorite or preferred avenue. I am writing to say that this view has been change to a very positive feeling. The winter and travel conditions has led me to the tread mill once again, this time I am going to express my positive thoughts on the many benefits of tread mill training. We will also explore the element of performing speed training on the machine.
Treadmills provide an alternative when weather is not conducive. Treadmills are also great when the terrain is not known such as when traveling, on business and or vacations. I remember doing my long run one year on the local fitness club treadmill when there was 20 inches of snow on the ground. I am not sure if the folks at the club waiting for the machine liked me after my three-hour session.
 The benefit of treadmill training is a forcing into a leg speed. This training traps the runner into a specific cadence, which if not held, the runner will fall off the machine. Another benefit to tread mill training is reduce wear and tear on leg and hip muscles and joints. When training on a tread mill we are cushioned by the machine deleting the pounding caused by road and track tar. The tread mill provides an excellent way to record training progress. Features such as time, pace, cadence, and grade are at your fingertips. The bottom line is that you can control the environment of your training. The negative side is that the machine does not simulate terrain conditions such as the climate. For example hilly courses and extreme windy conditions can affect your outcome of a race if only relied on the tread mill for training.
Runners are very committed athletes with special characters that motivate them to health. Treadmills will help to increase the frequency of your workouts. When the weather gets cold, rainy, and dark with two feet of snow runners can continue their training on these machines. The love of running guides us to do the ultimate in precise training. The tread mill allows the athlete to be aware of our pace, heart rate, and stride at all times. Remember that it takes a very special person to stay in total commitment to training. Providing the correct tools is a tremendous help to keep you training. The Tread mill is a great asset and one of those tools that aid the athlete in their training.
Work Out Example
Advanced fartlek treadmill training-
(Fartlek: a form of road running or cross country running in which the runner, usually solo, varies the pace significantly during the run.)
Prepare for a 30 minute treadmill run, which will include 10 minute easy pace warm-up and a 10 minute easy pace cool down.

  1. Start with cadence of .5 ten minute warm up-relax with a nice stride in preparation for the speed training.
  2. Perform six forty second fartlek’s (high intense speed sessions) with one minute very slow pace recovery in-between. Example- 40 seconds at 1.10 cadence then one minute at .5 cadence recovery.
  3. Repeat this interval training for a total of six fartleks.
  4. End with cadence .5 ten minute cool down. This should be close to a total of a 30 minute workout. If still time left just continue the run very relaxed until 30 minutes is complete.
 Congratulations you have just performed a high intense fartlek session on the treadmill. Perform this work out once a week. PLEASE DO NOT START AT THIS INTENSITY LEVEL IF NOT AN ADVANCED RUNNER! Start at a slower cadence such as .7 or consult Coach John for an adaption training process.
Thank you all for your incredible commitment to the LOVE of running and people!
Happy Running!
John K Carlson
Coach RRCW

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