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Register for the Hot Run in the Summertime!

Posted by Ron Riskie on July 2, 2014 under Club Events | Be the First to Comment

Hot Run in the Summertime Register Today

Sharpening for a 5K

Posted by John Carlson on July 9, 2014 under Running Tips | Be the First to Comment

Folks, we are in the last stretch of training for the “The Hot Run in the Summertime 5K.” The Course yields excellent grade conditions allowing for a strong pace. This moment in time should be dedicated to the sharpening phase of the training process. Training plans pertaining to the sharpening phase and race sign-up can be found here. Let’s take a moment to narrow down three work-outs that focuses on squeezing that extra speed.

Coach Jason Kilderry states “the closer you get to your race, the more specific your workouts should be to mimic the paces/intensities you will be running/racing on race day” (Kilderry, Jason, 2013). This statement is very wise and true to the fact that if one wants their best, there is a need to study the correct answers for the test. In other words, if we want to win a 5K then we should not train specifically for a 50 mile ultra. Let’s journey into three workouts that reveal the answers to achieving great results for a 5000 meter race.

Let me start by saying that normally one speed work session is needed per week. If you are up for a challenge lets increase to two days per week to get some high intensity volume in our system. Just remember to get two days of easy recovery work in between the speed sessions. One of my running buddies mentioned that a 5K is time to Grip and Rip, so let’s Grip and Rip to get ready for the Hot Run In the Summertime!


Run a 10-20 minute warm-up at a slow pace. Then perform six to twelve 40 second intervals at 5k pace or faster with a two minute slow jog recovery in-between. After the intervals run a 10-minute slow jog recovery. This work-out actually mimics a 200 meter speed session.

High Intensity Strides

This is a fancy name for sprints, man! Go to the track and run a 10-20 minute slow jog warm-up. Do your regular stretching routine. Line up for 100 meter sprints. Run these sprints at full throttle or 95 percent of potential. Two-three minute recovery jog or walk in-between then repeat 5-7 times. Perform a 10-minute recovery slow jog after the session.

One Mile Repeats

As you know this is my staple, which is responsible for turning in great results. They are also the toughest and should only be done if you are advanced in your training. This is no mystery, it is what it states “one-mile repeats.” Measure out a flat and straight one-mile distance (or on the track). Perform your 10-20 minute slow jog warm-up. Run the one-mile distance at your 5K pace or faster, two minute slow jog or walk recovery in between, repeat four times. Run a 10 minute slow jog recovery at the end then find a couch or bed to collapse.

As always folks get yourself a one gallon jug of pure water every day and drink it till it is gone, and perform lots of stretching after the workout. Keep shoveling in the fruits, veggies, and lean proteins. IF YOU FEEL ANY INJURY lurking please stop and consult a professional, this is a hard training plan and we want to stay healthy.

“Speed” Let’s get it!


Happy Running,

Coach John



Kilderry, Jason. August, 2013. Your Training Physiology is a Continuum.

Source:   www.etacoach.com, resources.

Weight Loss and Running

Posted by John Carlson on June 25, 2014 under Running Tips | Read the First Comment

sunset_runnerLet’s address this myth right now, you cannot eat all you want and anything you want and still lose weight just because you are a runner. I have read many articles in which runners state they can eat whatever they want because they run. I am sure it is true for some fortunate metabolism monster people. This just is not simply true for all including yours truly. The good news is that running is an extremely efficient way to burn calories and drop pounds.

Many people begin running because they want to lose weight. I hope most people begin running as a passion and then come to the understanding that weight loss is a benefit. The person who runs for the passion will create a healthy life style that will always benefit in the subject of weight loss. If we commit to a solid running program, the challenges of gaining weight are minimal.

Nutrition Plan

The first step to losing weight while running is to adopt a healthy nutrition plan. Don’t worry, this plan can include a cheat day in your week. My previous tip on nutrition is an example of a well-balanced plan. The ratio of caloric burn while running is 100 calories per mile for a person who weighs 140-170 lbs. The goal is to burn more calories in ratio to the intake than previous consumed at the identification of a weight challenge. I also want to note that muscle weighs more than fat leading to a skewed analysis of weight loss. The initial stalling of weight loss is part of the muscle growth period and no need for a panic. This could disguise the weight loss showering thoughts of defeat in the runners mind. Muscle weight is a good thing, which aids in burning the fat quicker.

Over Eating

A common mistake is that we tend to overcompensate for calories burned by eating large amounts. After a tremendous run we feel hungry and want to consume heavily. Try to stay within your nutrition plan. Yes we can defiantly eat a little more, but let’s not overdo it. News flash, energy shakes and protein shakes can be the enemy and tend to add too much of recovery fuel loaded with sugar and calories. I always get a kick out of the new folks who just started working out spending most of their time having a protein shake packed with millions of calories after their ten minute session. The recommended dose is 150 calorie snack packed with lean protein and complex carbs to recover after the run. The ideal consumption plan is to eat five to seven smaller meals per day. Again, please refer to the tip on nutrition.

Mindless eating

Mindless eating is chowing down on anything at any time without knowing what you are putting into your glorious temple. Most smart phones have the app for calorie counting and nutrition calculating. The goal is to keep a journal on what you are eating, recording the calorie intake verses caloric burn. Again focusing on weight loss requires burning more total daily calories than we take in. If you are currently consuming 2500 calories and burning 2500, there will be no weight loss. For example, the goal of adding a plan that will burn 500 calories more without consuming more calories will promote the loss. Option one is to lower your calorie intake, option two is to up your mileage to burn more calories, and option three is a little of both. I prefer a runner to choose option two while changing your eating habits to a more nutritional balanced plan. The reason for this is the runner will experience a better training plan positioning the body in greater physical shape while losing the extra pounds and not starving.

Training Plans

Adaptive plans promotes changes in training techniques, which drives physical metamorphosis such as weight loss. The adaptive training plan includes small changes in training elements such as adding extra mileage to the weekly run schedule. Examples of adaptive training plans can be found here on RRCWoodbury.com, here’s an example: Liven Up Your Training. Plans such as speed work, long runs, hill work, threshold and tempo workouts and much more are addressed. The main focus is to change up your training periodically. The body is smart and will adjust to the same old routine. This will not allow for maximum calorie burning. Change is the greatest constant for growth in your quest to loose unwanted weight.

Weight Loss steps

  1. Adapt a nutrition plan (eat 5-7 smaller meals a day). See tip on nutrition.
  2. Journal your food and calorie intake.
  3. Goal: burn more calories total daily then taking in.
  4. Adapt a balance training plan which includes higher mileage. See tips on training plans.
  5. Seek help and advice
  6. Live it every day.


“Plan your meals to fuel your run”

—John K Carlson


Happy Running!

John K Carlson
Coach RRCW










Posted by John Carlson on June 4, 2014 under Running Tips | Be the First to Comment

RRCW Fellowship“Fellowship and Camaraderie” were the words out of  VP of Events Vic Micklasavage’s mouth when sharing his thoughts about a recent Road Runners Club get together. The RRCW is a run club, however there are certainly more values credited to the club than just running. Trust and friendship come to mind when describing the culture of the club. These qualities are responsible for securing a tight bond among the members of the RRCW team.

The RRCW is not just about running races, it is about friendship, fun, respect, and caring. I am pretty sure we can come up with many more important values to add to this list. The Benjamin Ross 5K is a great example portraying these values. The race as usual was a great success this year allowing for a positive environment. Everyone enjoyed themselves while having plenty to cheer about.

I had the privilege to talk extensively with RRCW members Diana Gerstenbacher, Gary Rooney and Pat Lippincott. Diana had a tremendous pace to the finish line which secured her a PR. During the post-race session Diana was very excited to share her training techniques relating to this incredible accomplishment. I was also very fortunate to receive great race updates and information from Diana that can be put on my calendar. Thank you Diana, you are a great asset to the RRCW team.

Gary mentioned that it would have been a challenge for him to continue a serious running routine if it were not for the club. More specifically, the speed work sessions available are helping him to improve his running economy. The results definitely show that Gary is running strong! Thank you Gary, you are a great asset to this team.

RRCW Fellowship 2I was also fortunate to spend some quality time with Pat. You can always be assured when Pat is talking, someone else is getting praised. Pat summed up the day as being a blessing and enjoyable. Every word out of Pat’s mouth was a compliment for someone or a positive word about the club. These are just three examples of Fellowship and Camaraderie being displayed among the club, and guess what? There are plenty more that were not mentioned.

The RRCW team is positioned correctly to provide powerful promotions in the sport of running. There are no challenges for the team to promote running. In my opinion the club has a great advantage by creating an atmosphere of fellowship and Cammadrie. These values are a natural result of planned events and friendship sharing. The RRCW is a close network of caring and friendly people who welcome new members. In fact there is a celebration that takes place when a new member is handed their RRCW shirt. I have been around many run clubs, and in my opinion the RRCW is definitely the best in South Jersey!


“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”

————–Henry Ford

Happy Running!
Coach John RRCW

BR5K 2014 Results

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Benjamin Ross 5K 2014What a great day we had for the 20th Annual Benjamin Ross 5K! Congratulations to all participants! Make sure to check out our Facebook page to see the many great pictures from this event. You can also find race results at TNT Event Management.