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The Broad Street Paradigm

Running Tips
April 12, 2017 1
I remember when running was a huge challenge, always greeting me with much pain. In that period I was fortunate to have a coach that guided me through the trials and tests in the sport [...]

The Stretch Run

Running Tips
February 15, 2017 0
Once in awhile we have the need to get away from the high-intensity training runs to visit our joyful and comforting healing runs. One day a week should be reserved for a gentle healing run. [...]

Broad Street Run 2017 Registration

January 18, 2017 2
The RRCW team registration process is now closed. For those that have registered, standby for your email from Jim Sery and then proceed to “Step 3” below. Attention RRCW Members who are interested in joining the [...]

Verge Sport Wind Jacket 2017

January 16, 2017 0
Order the awesome new RRCW Verge Sport Wind Jacket! This is a thin, all polyester jacket that’s meant to be worn while running. We will be taking orders at the Fun Run until Saturday, February [...]
Running Tips

Winter Running

January 11, 2017 0
The cold weather is among our existence penetrating the silence of nature. The serious runner who has a passion with an elite racing agenda cannot surrender the training day because of the forecast. Running in [...]

Welcoming all south jersey runners and walkers

Thanks for your interest in the RRCW! We like to think that we're one of the most welcoming and friendly running clubs in the South Jersey area. Whether you're an experienced runner pursuing your 10th marathon or just a beginner who would like to start getting in shape— we're the club for you. We have a very diverse membership and you will definitely find someone who's at your speed at our weekly Fun Run. We also have a monthly Breakfast Run every third Saturday of the month. Our yearly events include organization of the Woodbury Relays, the RRCW Youth Track Series, the Benjamin-Ross 5K, the Hot Run in the Summertime and the Race Down Broad Street 5K. Please browse around this website to find our more about the Road Runners Club of Woodbury.

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