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Broad Street Run 2016 Recap

RRCW Runners Log
May 1, 2016 5
The weather forecast was not looking good days before the 2016 Broad Street Run. We could only hope that the weather people were wrong—this time, unfortunately, they weren’t. The RRCW Broad Street (big yellow school) [...]


Running Tips
April 25, 2016 1
The rubber band was taken out of the freezer after an hour stay. When applied force on opposite ends to stretch, the band broke. The rubber band was in a state of cold and non-action, [...]
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Broad Street Bus 2016

April 18, 2016 0
All aboard the Broad Street Run Express Bus! SOLD OUT! For the sixth consecutive year, the RRCW is chartering a bus to take us to the starting area of the Philadelphia Broad Street Run.The cost [...]
RRCW Runners Log

RRCW at the Woodbury Relays 2016

April 15, 2016 0
The 2nd Annual RRCW at the Woodbury Relays 2016 open one-mile track race is in the books. Thanks to everyone who came out and participated! Everyone did great! We hope you all had fun testing [...]
RRCW Runners Log

The Love Run 2016

April 13, 2016 4
Due to the hard work of RRCW Love Run team captain Jen Nichols, the RRCW was invited to have a booth at the XFinity Live Love Run Expo on Friday and Saturday.  This booth was manned [...]